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How was your weekend?

I don’t know about you guys, but we had a crazy weekend with our third child; Aaron turning three years old. Where did that time go?…

We heard all the talks about our older two; Kayjay and Aubriella going to school for the first time last week. Kayjay is loving recess a LOT, while Aubriella is enjoying making new friends in her classroom. I’m excited to see what they learn in Kindergarten this year.

Our youngest; Kalianne is crawling like a champ, standing on her own with support and sitting all by herself like a big girl.

So our household has been on the move all weekend long. 🙌🏼

Did you get things off your checklist done or did you get to relax?

I hope everyone has a blessed week! We can’t wait to get in your lawns and make them look spectacular. 🙏🏼🫶🏼Take care and God bless all of you.

•Called to serve YOU! 🫵🏼

Alpha Omega Home Service

Kris & Lexi Spaulding

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